Chateau d’Or et de Gueules

April 7, 2009

Hailing from Costieres de Nimes, I found this one at The Wine House. They’re big on this vineyard, and this wine is a great sub-$15 bottle.

It comes on with a nose of currants and brambles, with maybe a a touch of sweet tarts. The first taste is a light sourness, rhubarbs and blackberries with just enough sweetness to balance it; anise merges with the berries. With aeration, it moves on to show its big and robust structure. There’s a taste at the heart of the Nimes wines that I’m not sure how to describe, but it’s unmistakable here. A nice strong, scratchy wooden backbone. It finishes with a spicy bite at the back of the throat. with bites you right on the tip of the first sip.

Chateau d'Or et de Gueules

Chateau d'Or et de Gueules


One Response to “Chateau d’Or et de Gueules”

  1. gadlen said

    Huzzah for wine!

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